Is your family safe? this can be the scariest question that arose in our minds. you simply can’t imagine seeing yourself or your family at risk, that might be the final thing you'd wish to see! Family is the only place each individual desire to come back to and just imagine your family into any problematic situations like ‘being a victim of Identity Theft’ or is been overdue with the credit card payment caused by the fraudster.

These days, it appears like everything is moving online. From our banking to our retail, there’s scarcely any space of our lives that the digital sphere hasn’t touched. whereas that instant access will be a convenient, time-saving lifesaver when we’re on the go, it can even open us up to vulnerability and risk of fraud if we’re not careful. Yet, the internet isn’t the sole place our personal data may be in danger.

From the means you store your documents to the place you retain your mail, you may be exposing yourself and your family while not even knowing it.


Any members from the family may tend to store any kind of bills, receipts or mail which are of no use and can lead the family into being the victim of the fraud. If the bills, receipts or mails are of no use immediately get rid of those papers but make sure that it is destroyed properly so that it cannot be misused by the fraudsters to cause any kind of harm to the family. Make sure you use some strong and difficult password to store all the personal information or your Aadhar card number as it has fewer chances of being stolen and misused by any thief or the fraudsters.

Keeping update along with your credit is that the foremost duty of the members so the fraudster is not involved with your family's identity. a whole account might be operative without your consent or maybe your awareness, thus it’s worth taking the time to ascertain as the stealer might have run my credit into the bottom by making purchases and not following up on the payments.

Keep details that would determine you, as well as your birthday, address, and phone number off from your social media profiles. Also, watch out regarding whom you accept as a connection on these platforms and increase your security levels to their highest setting as you may not recognize what's the intentions of the unknown person.

Your family is safe only till the time you protect and secure all your private information in a place where no fraudster can detect your Information or data.

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