Is your child safe from the fraudsters?

Your child is your responsibility and you've got to make certain that he's safe and not victimized by the Fraudsters/ Identity Thieves. you may secure his Aadhar card number and his vital information or documents in order that the stealer doesn't misuse the identity of the kid. The fraudster will use the identity to open new bank accounts at the bank need only limited information, to get a credit card, and additionally apply for a loan within the name of your child.

By the time you're conscious of all such fraud happening with your child, it'd be too late because the fraudster might have created an enormous deficit for you pay because the bank can begin to confusticate all that you simply ought to recover the amount. you have to keep updated with all of your billing, Aadhar card number as all of your child’s personal information is attached to that.

Is your child safe from the fraudsters

You can take preventions by keeping all your paper documents, cards and legal information on any electronic gadgets somewhere safe so that your child is not victimized. Do not share your child’s Aadhar card number to anyone without a proper inquiry as to why they need the number and what are the security majors taken by them to prevent Identity Theft. Make sure you do not throw away any documents before overviewing it carefully as to which it should not be related to your child so that no fraudster take your child's identity for obtaining credits or even to use your child’s identity for a daily basis.

One of the major threats to a child’s identity is through the social sites used by them. You will have to keep an update as to what are the social media websites he or she is surfing and what are the personal information that has been provided by your child. All the fraudsters are very active and keep a close watch with all the personal information and also hack their account so that the other remaining information is obtained by the fraudsters.

So coming back to the question, ‘Is your child safe from the Fraudster?’ No, your child is not safe from Identity Theft and it is the parent's responsibility to secure all the Information, Documents and Aadhar card Number so that the child is safe from being a victim of Identity Theft/Fraudsters.

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