Identity theft is an attack on everything you’ve designed and created.


We insure our homes, our health, our cars and it’s just as crucial that we shield our personal information with the proper family identity theft protection*. The advent of newer technologies and today's age of electronic information and the internet, our personal information and digital footprints circulate quicker than ever, more than we realize and there are criminals who are able to cash in on our information.


Do you or your family members :

  • Use the internet – both private and public?
  • Use multiple devices to access the internet at home or outside home.
  • Shop, explore for jobs, download reports/games, conduct business, or socialize online?
  • Use ATMs?
  • Use credit cards and debit cards?
  • Travel for work or leisure
  • Transact with government agencies online using Aadhar #/PAN number


Everyday activities might unknowingly put you and your family in danger. Even easy things like sharing phone numbers, home addresses, and email addresses, will open the door for fraudsters to induce deeper access to personal information related to savings accounts, insurance plans, medical records, tax returns, wills, retirement plans, and credit card numbers.


Hence protection to prevent leakage of information needs to go beyond just your own device and cover devices within the household. Also, as a vigilant family member, you need to keep an eye on any threats resulting from your data surfacing on the public or dark web.


MyDigitalProtectionTM has you covered!


For the first time in India, MyDigitalProtectionTM provides a unique combination of preventive, detective and corrective mechanism to protect you and your family from Identity Theft risks. Like millions of families in the world, you can now trust us to keep you away from risks related to identity safe. So, sign up for our annual subscription plan and leave it to us to guard what matters most to you, what you have built over years of hard work – Your identity. Your Family.


* please note that nobody can stop all identity theft. we can all take steps to prevent detect and resolve