Below are some reviews from happy customers of MyDigitalProtection



I am really happy with the service as I could review and manage my personal information which I tend to forget on the various websites and apps.

Subhashini Housewife

My Digital Protection is a great investment for people like me as I have really worked hard to build my profile and identity.

Megha Business Consultant

My Digital Protection is like having an insurance for all your personal Information which is a great service for me and hence I trust this company.

kedar Accountant

Initially I was apprehensive, but the way things went so smoothly with the set up and securing my information I was amazed and happy. I will definitely recommend My Digital Protection to my friends and family

Megha HR Consultant

Being a retired official I was worried about my important personal information that were to be secured so I was recommended
My Digital Protection. Now I am a proud customer and I have already recommended it to my friends.

Naresh Retired Govt Officer

I will strongly recommend My Digital Protection if you want to secure your personal information and also information of your family members. I trust this company as it keeps me informed on my own personal threats as well threats in general.

Deven Software Engineer

I deal with personal information of my clients and partners. Secure browser now allows me and my team to deal with this sensitive data on all our devices with complete peace of mind, especially because we use public wifis a lot.

Sagar NGO Supervisor

I have to continuously edit and update details of my client/patients on the move… I trust secure browser from My Digital Protection to help me protect this sensitive information when I use my web app.

harsh Neurologist

I am constantly on the move and travel a lot for my stories. I also use a lot of public wifis and have to transcat a lot on the digital channel. So I signed up for My Digital Protection and that was the best decision taken by me so far. Proud member of My Digital Protection.

pratik Journalist

It was important for me to secure me personal information and also i hold some confidential information of the company I work in and so i decided to secure all me information and documents with My Digital Protection.

trupti Employee

As a student , I felt the need to secure my personal information like Aadhar card number, contact details. So after discussing this with my parents I was suggested to secure my information with My Digital Protection. Today I am in command of my identity before I start building it.

mrunalini Student

I was literally robbed once before I got my personal information protected with My Digital Protection. I am happy to say that this was the best decision of mine after seeing theft so close. #proud member.

ratish Senior Citizen