In April 2017, Uppercliff Protection Pvt. Ltd conducted a detailed survey with the objective of gauging the level of awareness and understanding of netizens about protection of their own personal data over the web. This survey was –

  • Conducted via online survey across WatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIN.
  • Conducted via offline survey using DSA’s
  • Run for 3 weeks.
  • Was participated by 200+ participants mostly across premier cities in India.
  • Had a good mix of male/female working professionals and business owners across age groups of 21-50 years.

In summary, the survey revealed the following –

  • Netizens need the immense convenience offered by online/mobile channels, but hesitate to embrace the web completely for all forms of transaction, hence not being able to exploit all the conveniences of being digital.
  • A large number of us are concerned about the risks online and believe that companies are not doing enough to protect our personal data shared with them.
  • The worrying revelation is that a lot of us aren’t doing enough to protect our own information and leave behind a digital footprint that can be exploited.