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Addressing the Business Needs and Employee, Customer Identity Theft Protection Needs

With an increasingly connected world comes new risks. The prevalence of mobile devices, both in the workplace and throughout our society, means our Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is everywhere. 70% of the world population will be using a smartphone within the next three years — and right now, more Google searches are happening on smartphones than on desktop computers. Mobile is certainly everywhere, and that means your digital footprint exists everywhere.


We understand that customers and employees trust you, look to you as their preferred source for fraud and identity protection services. Early detection is the best protection and is the first line of defense in the fight against identity fraud. Offer your customers an integrated platform that goes beyond simple credit monitoring to provide comprehensive fraud, credit, Internet and card monitoring services coupled with dedicated support.


We provide services that protect organizations, their employees, and their customers from the fallout of identity theft. Everything we do is dedicated exclusively to this mission. This specialization uniquely enables us to provide unbiased, powerful solutions you can trust.


Offering MyDigitalProtection to your customers is a great way to keep pace with the latest innovation and product excellence in identity theft protection. We are sure you will benefit from generating additional, recurring revenue and simultaneously providing a value-added service that meets a real need.


Partner with confidence — it’s a win-win opportunity.

We believe that by providing genuine partnership and effective solutions, you succeed—and so do we. Leverage our proven partnership experience and program-building expertise. Our flexible architecture allows for easy integration. Optimize customer acquisition and retention with custom reporting. Choose from branded and private label options.