Bodyguard in Disguise

The Secure Browser focuses on neutralising the two greatest threats to Internet users:

  1. Key logging spyware
  2. Phishing attacks

These two attack methods are the cause of almost 95% of all data stolen from PC/Laptop users. By protecting against key logging and screen captures every time you enter data online, and by preventing phishing sites from loading in your browser, Secure Browser provides safe, secure browsing.

The Secure Browser is not designed to replace anti-virus, anti-spyware or other desktop internet security suites - but to supplement them by providing focused protection for all data entered into websites. By installing Secure Browser you are deploying the most comprehensive, real-time data protection available for users of the web.

Frauds don’t cross the line

Every My Digital Protection Secure Browser subscriber can securely browse on 3 computers or laptops and on 3 mobile phones or tablets. It consists of the following components to give you that added protection.


The software prevents identity and data theft by identifying a scam phishing site visits of subscribers without being aware. It prevents the site from loading, thus safeguarding you from entering confidential data into these web pages. The software is trained to recognise popular phishing targets. When one attempts to navigate to a phishing page, subscribers are warned through message in the browser.

Anti-key logging

Key loggers are forms of Spyware or Trojans that monitor your computer activities and covertly record the keystrokes entered by a user. Criminals use key loggers to steal people's identity, usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, banking details, SSN, etc. Secure Browser protects the data that you enter online from being harvested by key loggers. The anti-key logging features of this software work on multiple levels of the operating system and are far more powerful in terms of protecting data than those measures employed by conventional anti-virus solutions.

Anti-screen capture

Many key logging Trojans also have a screen capture facility enabling data to be stolen from online keypads, drop down menus etc. Secure Browser prevents Trojans from stealing sensitive information by preventing them taking pictures of your screen. Once again, this feature ensures that users are far safer browsing the net than if they merely have conventional anti-virus software installed.

Visual aspects of the software

Scrambler Display

The first thing a browser will notice after the software has been installed and the PC has been restarted, is a fake character display in the browser window title bar. This display only appears when you are working in your browser:


One of the main anti-key logging measures of the Secure Browser is that anything you enter into the web fields in the browser is automatically scrambled - it is replaced with fake random characters

P.S: Always keep the anti-virus and MDP protective features updated on all your installed devises. Refer to the risk assessment tips page to learn about precautionary measures to be taken when online.

How it works


  • Sign-up for an annual service to benefit from our 360 degree protection
  • Install the secure browser plugins on your preferred devices
  • Continue to transact online without the fear of anyone intercepting and capturing your data/passwords as you type them


A simple, easy to follow dashboard is available on all your chosen devices to help you avail the latest updates and help you change your settings. Your personalised dashboard highlights the following:

  • The number of devices protected by My Digital Protection secure browsing software
  • The number of devices that can be protected further