Repair problems quickly and easily with help from MyDigitalProtection customer service experts. India based identity theft Resolution Specialists show empathy, give assistance, and take immediate action for the top priorities.


Identity theft is very emotional, costly, and time-consuming. Identity theft insurance* guarantees that you recover certain out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages if your identity is stolen. You'll be glad you have experience and expertise behind you if you ever fall victim to identity theft.


ID Theft Assistance and Submission – If your identity has been compromised, we’ll provide you with a pre-populated identity theft affidavit to dispute any fraudulent claims or activity. After assisting with its completion, we will then submit the affidavit to the appropriate authorities, credit bureaus, and creditors on your behalf.


Creditor Notification, Dispute, and Follow-Up – We’ll contact your creditors’ fraud departments with separate itemized account statements to dispute each fraudulent occurrence for you. We’ll also continue to follow up with creditors until each matter has been properly handled, keeping you notified throughout the entire process with status reports on a regular basis.


Bureau Fraud Alert – We will place a fraud alert on your records at all three major credit bureaus to add a layer of protection from fraudulent activity.


Inform Police/Legal Authorities – We’ll assist you in reporting any fraudulent activity to the local authorities and will also forward reports to creditors.


General Assistance – We’ll assist you with notifying the appropriate bank or issuing authority to cancel and replace stolen or missing items, such as your debit/credit card, driver’s license, Social Security card, or passport.


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