Protection Suite: For PC, Laptops, Mobiles & Tablets

The Protection Suite from My Digital Protection is a combination of Secure Browser and Personal Data Monitor Service digital identity solution.

My Digital Protection is a smart and easy way to make sure you and your family are secure and protected online at all times and at all places. Protection Suite makes use of clever technology to scan, simplify and secure your data.

My Digital protection brings together two key security functions in one convenient package.

  1. Preventive Control - Your mobile and home Internet browsing is safeguarded to disallow trespassers to encroach or intercept your online activity, including unauthorised screenshots, using the Secure Browser solution.
  2. Detective Control - You get real-time updates on your public profile information and its whereabouts in the open web world and take immediate action if data is suspiciously found floating, using the Personal Data Monitor solution
  3. Corrective Control - You get help and assistance in erasing your reported data from sites in the public web you are not comfortable with.

That’s not all; you even receive get instant alerts if your financial information is deemed vulnerable.

Secure Browsing

As you type online, secure Browser data and identity theft prevention software protects every character. It comprises of anti-keylogging software and anti-phishing software. It adds an extra, real-time layer of protection to other installed anti-virus, anti-spyware or firewall software’s in your system.

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Personal Data Monitor

My Digital Protection searches for your digital traces and footprints that could potentially harm you. Rest assured, when your Personal Data Monitor scans the Internet, it makes sure to not leave any digital footprints.

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