Consumers are spending more time online from mobile devices. No matter the quantity of your time your consumers are spending online, it makes sense for them to be smart regarding how and what they are doing there. Mobile Service Providers can help customers shield their personal data from those who’d like nothing higher than to steal your customers identity and cause them damage.


Also customer data with your company makes your company attractive to hackers. If there’s a data breach, hackers might have access to whatever personal data you have including name, email, contact, address etc.


Mobile Service Providers invest a lot of time in protecting their custmers data, contacting and verifying unused accounts and, then, closing them down.


The less personal data you've got stored online, the better.That’s why our members played a crucial role within the design and development of Identity Force Mobile. Save transactions for once you’re on a secure network, maybe at home.


With SecureBrowser, from MYDIGITALPROTECTION, the good news is that your customers can simply continue using their devices, however in a safer manner, without interfering with their normal online activity/routine.