Consumer trust is proving harder than ever before to earn, with more than 40% of consumers claiming to distrust brands and 37% sharing they trust brands less than they used to. This issue has plagued companies across many sectors but with small percentage of consumers reporting they trust the insurance industry, insurance companies are particularly challenged by it. On the other hand, Organizations are always looking for innovative and compelling ways to provide added value to their customers and reward their loyalty and business. Organisations are also looking at various innovative ways to engage with their customers on a regular basis and retain them over a longer period of time. It is a well-known fact that it in most cases, it is cheaper to retain existing customers than acquire new ones.


Restoring Customer Trust

In this increasingly competitive consumer products and services market, we understand it’s more challenging than ever for businesses to find services to offer that truly differentiate their organization by adding value to the quality of their customers’ lives. Moreover, with consumer trust reaching new lows, insurance institutions should be increasingly mindful that they services they offer help build customer confidence, rather than undermine it. That’s why our comprehensive identity protection & insurance solution offers our clients the superior level of technology and service that they expect, helping them meet their goals while also providing the peace of mind their customers are looking for – resulting in increased loyalty to the insurance company providing it to them. With over 50% of consumers reporting they plan to purchase identity protection in the next two years and more than half of them looking to their trusted insurance institutions to buy it, consumers will be looking to your company for the protection they need.


At MyDigitalProtection™, we strive to continually keep the people behind the data at the heart of our work by not only offering features and a level of service that adds value to customers’ lives, but also by explaining our product and its benefits in detail. Additionally, we work closely with our clients to provide tailored marketing support, which includes the development of marketing and training materials focused on product information and benefits, to help our clients launch successful programs that both meet their business goals and best serve their customers. Please get in touch with us to evaluate further how we could help you achieve your objectives.