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My Digital Protection

Today, we live dual lives - One physical and one digital. However, our perspective and awareness on security is completely different when it comes to these lives. Lets do a simple test – Do you lock your home when you go out? Now, do you lock or protect your personal and financial information before browsing on the world wide web?

My Digital protection does exactly that and more. While providing an armoured browser that encrypts every key stroke, be it a password or credit card number, it browses the public and dark web for your sensitive personal information and warns you immediately.

What’s more is that, it also helps you erase personal data from reported sites, you are not comfortable with!

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How it works?

With few simple steps below, you can stay in control of your digital footprint -

  1. Log-on to www.mydigitalprotection.com and sign-up for an annual service to benefit from 360 degree protection
  2. Install the secure browser plugins on your preferred devices
  3. Enter and register the necessary details you wish to protect under the ‘Manage Data Monitor’ area
  4. Now transact online without the fear of fraud chasing you. My Digital protection will take care of your data security while you live online carefree.
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Digital India Effect

India embarks on a ‘Digital India’ journey with online interactions and transactions soaring more than ever. With the advent of demonitisation, the need to live a digital life has become even more imperative for citizens from all strata and walks of life.

Digital growth is unfortunately causing a bigger threat to personal identity, online frauds and Internet hacking. There is a proliferation of hackings tools on the Net but cyber security tools have not evolved to that extent. Geographical distances or political boundaries are immaterial because cyber-attacks can be launched from any corner of the world.

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Disturbing Facts

In India, $4 billion is the total loss of cash in 12 months and with around $3.6 billion total loss of time for victims of cyber crime
Victims spent an average 15 days to get their cyber crime cases resolved
While a number of International countries possess data protection and security laws, unfortunately the same cannot be said about India

Statistics on data leaks and breaches


Number of Data breaches across the globe in 2016
More than 29 Million personal and financial data records exposed


Increase in cybercrimes since 2014-2015
300% increase in India between 2011 and 2014


Number of Indian Websites hacked in 2016
15000+ reported cybercrimes.


Data breaches are acts of malicious intent.
Human error or system failure account for the rest.

Caution before Calamity

Risk Dashboard

Easy to comprehend ‘Risk’ dashboard monitoring and alerting digital footprints.

Instant Notification

Receive instant alerts in case personal data is breached, both in public and dark web.

Protection Shell

Protection shell protects browser from phishing and key logging attempts, irrespective of device.

Global Access

Easy to access important documents anytime and from anywhere across the globe.

Multiple Devices

The subscription can be extended to family members to cover their devices.

Proven Globally

Protecting thousands of netizens across the globe already