MyDigitalProtection™ is a revolutionary and unique solution that analyses the challenge of Identity Theft holistically. As research has established, identity Theft begins with the availability of victim’s data to the fraudster. Given the proliferation of the internet and the services we consume on a daily basis, the availability of this data could be made easy or difficult to the fraudsters. Also, there are instances where we could be in complete control of the availability of this data or where, once provided to our various service providers, we can not be in control of this data. For instance, we could control the amount of data we provide about ourselves on social media, but cannot guarantee that our utility providers would take utmost care of our data.


With that in mind, MyDigitalProtection™ provides the first level of defence for you. With its unique combination of ‘Preventive’, Detective’ and ‘Corrective’ solutions, it provides a reliable platform not only to help prevent leaking your personal data on the web but also detect if your data has been published in the internet. What’s more is that it scans the public web and the dark web (which is out of reach for a common man) to check if your data is published for malicious intent or trading purposes. Specifically, MyDigitalProtection™ protects you in the following ways –


As they say prevention is better than cure. As part of its preventive solution, MyDigitalProtection™ focusses on the first mile of the internet journey – your laptops and your devices. In most cases, personal and key information is shared on the internet via your own devices and hence it is necessary that this first mile is secured.
MyDigitalProtection™’s Secure Browser protects the data that you enter online (usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, banking details, aadhar #, PAN #,etc.) from being harvested by key loggers. The anti-screen capture feature prevents Trojans from stealing sensitive information by preventing them taking pictures of your screen. This feature ensures that users are far safer browsing the net than if they merely have conventional anti-virus software installed.
Also, the software prevents identity and data theft by identifying a scam phishing site visits of subscribers without being aware. It prevents the site from loading, thus safeguarding you from entering confidential data into these web pages. The software is trained to recognise popular phishing targets. When one attempts to navigate to a phishing page, subscribers are warned through message in the browser.


As a rule of thumb, what cannot be prevented needs to be detected. For instances, where personal data has been shared already knowingly or unknowingly or beyond one’s control, it is important to keep an eye on whether this data is being shared and published to cause harm.
MyDigitalProtection™’s Personal Data Monitor does exactly that! It helps you keep track of your private and sensitive information by scanning and alerting you to any of your personal or financial details found online. Simply provide the information you would like to be monitored and it will scour the web, monitoring publicly online web pages, and alert you by email whenever it finds any results for your personal information.
In addition, it extracts data from fraudulent communities and ‘hidden’ pages through a variety of specialist algorithms. It monitors over 3000 dark net communities, which allows us to identify not only the data being compromised and distributed through these locations but also community discussions, and general ID marketplace updates being issued and used by fraudulent individuals.
What’s more is that it also provides you periodic scans of your credit profile to alert you of any new activities on your profile such as new enquiries, new/closed accounts, etc. to ensure that nobody else is using your identity to claim benefits, etc.


What cannot be prevented and detected needs to be corrected. MyDigitalProtection™’s restoration service coupled with ID theft insurance does exactly that. Our experts help and advise you if your data has been found in the public or dark web and assist you in cleansing the data where possible. In case, you become a victim of identity theft, our experts then help you restore your credit profile and clear your records while bearing the required expenses. For more on the coverage, please refer to the ID Theft Insurance tab after log in.
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