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Protect Your Company Employees

As employees share their data with more third parties, over more devices and across the Internet of Things (IoT), the opportunity for security breaches continues to increase every year, as does the number of identity thefts. Corporate leaders who are responsible for managing strategic, financial, and reputation risks may not realize with all that’s happening within the organization that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) theft can blindside

Protect Your Company Employees

both their business and their employees. But, today, they quickly see the collateral damage when downtime, misdirected attention, and absenteeism creep into the workplace.


Data and Identity theft is a serious problem for both employers and employees. And it imposes tremendous costs in terms of lost productivity at work and personal stress. As a result, Identity Protection Services have quickly become a high-value and fast growing employee benefit/perk globally. Workers may need to spend dozens to hundreds of hours to restore their personally identifiable information, so any steps you can take to eliminate that potential headache likely will be paid back many times over in improved employee morale and loyalty. Employees get the protection they need from the stress and financial hardship of identity theft, while Employers reduce productivity loss associated with identity theft recovery. And considering that employee actions can put your data security at risk –opening spam, clicking on harmful links – protecting them protects the company.


We work with organizations of all sizes to deliver a flexible and tailored rollout plan to inform and continually educate your employees on identity theft and strategies for protecting themselves and their family. We implement the solution by -

  • Working collaboratively with your HR team to get your employees set up
  • Providing effective marketing support including programs and collateral


Benefits Agents and Brokers


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Please contact us to discuss special employee benefit pricing and to learn more about MyDigitalProtection™’s employer paid and voluntary packages,flexible pricing options.