My Digital Watchdog

Personal Data Monitor is your omnipresent and insightful companion that scans the web automatically, regularly and thoroughly to find where your personal and financial profile appears. You can check your dashboard any time. If your personal information reflects on unidentified locations, Personal Data Monitor provides assistance in cleansing that information from the reported website and advise you on the necessary precautionary steps. For more on our cleansing service, please Contact us or refer to the FAQs and Help & Advice page, if you are already a member.

Every time you leave behind your digital footprint, Personal Data Monitor searches and guards your digital identity from online harm real-time anywhere and everywhere. As your Personal Data Monitor scans for your important personal and financial information on the web, you can be assured of no traces of left behind data.

What’s best is that our specialised tools scan the dark web for your financial and personal data too! Those secret encrypted websites which cannot be accessed via traditional browsers and need specialised technology to do so. We take protection to the deepest levels to ensure your peace of mind.

To know more about the Dark Web please visit our FAQs and Articles pages.

Personal Data includes:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Date of Birth
  3. Financial details such as Credit/Debit Cards and bank account details
  4. Addresses
  5. Email Addresses and Phone Numbers
  6. Key Identification details such as Passport, Aadhar Number and PAN number
  7. EBay and PayPal ids
How it works

Manage Data Monitor:

  • Sign-up for an annual service to benefit from our 24X7 protection
  • Enter and register the necessary personal and financial details you wish to protect under the ‘Manage Data Monitor’ area
  • Continue to transact online without the fear of fraudsters chasing you


  • Regular updates will alert you on your browsing risk levels along with critical risk actions to be taken immediately.
  • You may choose to act on an alert or just ‘Ignore’ it if you are comfortable with the data being present at that site.
  • As part of the service you will receive a Monthly email alerting you of your updated risk levels and an immediate alert if we find your financial information at risk.


  • Provides you assistance in erasing the reported personal details from the concerned website
  • Removes data by collaborating with the webmaster of the reported site
  • Removes data from cached google search


A simple, easy to follow dashboard is available on all your chosen devices to help you avail the latest updates and help you change your settings. Your personalised dashboard highlights the following:

  • Your current online risk level
  • Easy access to the ‘Manage Data Monitor’ area from the dashboard to update personal details
  • View all alerts and notifications with detailed URL on data location (with the option to ignore in the future)