You can receive your speedy fraud alert from Identity Theft at home or on the go through mobile text alerts and email. Alerts help to stay informed and in control. *Instant alerts require subscriber’s current email address and phone number


Our online lifestyles leave us more vulnerable than ever to identity theft. MyDigitalProtection™ monitoring scours thousands of websites, black market chat rooms, blogs, and other data sources to detect the illegal trading and selling of your personal information.


Our advanced technology sends prompt alerts so you can take immediate action. With alerts for Bank Account and Credit Card/Debit Card/Travel Forex Card being found in dark web and public web monitoring, you will quickly spot and be able to stop credit card fraud and bank account fraud.

Criminals typically change the physical address of your postal mail to gain access to your personal information. They are after your credit card statements, bills, and other financial documents. For this reason, it is very important to be aware and monitor for change of address.

MyDigitalProtection ™ monitors and sends change of Address alert so you can check if this is with your authorization. If you see any suspicious activity, take action immediately. MyDigitalProtection keeps you updated on major data breaches, identity theft incidents, and new laws. For example, if an online ecommerce store or similar large/medium companies have a breach due to theft, your information can be used to open credit cards, apply for loans, and worse.

Credit Score Report Alerts help you to quickly identify if your identity is being used to apply for a new credit card, wireless device, utility payments, check reorder, mortgage or car loan application. This gives you the power to stop fraud attempts rather than having to react after the damage is already done.


Instant notification is key to stopping the damage in its tracks.


To benefit from our 24X7 protection register today for MyDigitalProtection™. Get peace of mind.