Delivering results begins with great partnerships

My Digital Protection is an initiative by Uppercliff Protection Pvt. Ltd who is committed to working with partners globally to deliver innovative and relevant solutions to keep customers safe in the digital world. We partner with some of the most well-known and innovative security technology vendors in the world offering such unique and relevant solutions.

Specifically, for My Digital Protection, Uppercliff Protection Pvt. Ltd has partnered with SentryBay, a UK based security solutions company, and localised their core products to suit Indian customer needs. This solution, branded and called under different localised names, has been adopted successfully in various countries such as USA, UK, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, France, Turkey, Austria and Switzerland.

Sentrybay, has a track record of solving key security challenges, including some of the core building blocks needed to secure mobile and IoT - where the number and type of attack surfaces are expanding exponentially. These technologies are patented and used within proprietary products - as well as licensed to industry leaders in banking, e-commerce, enterprise, telecommunications and even IT security companies.

For more information about Uppercliff Protection Pvt. Ltd, please refer to our website : www.uppercliff.com For more information about Sentrybay, please refer to their website : www.sentrybay.com