Identity theft happens once somebody uses your identity or personal information—such as your name, your driver's license, or your Aadhar card number—without your permission to commit a criminal offense or fraud. So here’s a list to keep you from Identity Theft.

Aadhar card number (UIDAI) or Aadhar card-

Aadhar number is actually your Aadhar Card. Aadhaar number may be a 12-digit random number issued by the UIDAI (“Authority”) to the residents of India once satisfying the verification method ordered down by the Authority. any individual, regardless of age and gender, who may be a resident of India, could voluntarily register to get Aadhaar number. As this is one of the most important security documents it has to be secured and kept somewhere safe.

Don’t share personal information-

Your personal information may include all your birth certificate, Aadhar card number, credit card, etc. Just because someone randomly called or messaged do not immediately share your true personal information and by doing this there is a possibility you can keep yourself safe from Identity Theft.

Pay attention to your billing cycles-

If this start to concern you then make sure you immediately contact the sender who was supposed to send the bills before the due date. If he has sent you and you do not receive there is a possibility you falling under the criteria for Identity Theft but there could be possibilities for your bills getting late due to some Issues with the company so you need to be updated with all your billing cycles.

Use the security features on your mobile phone-

This is one of the most important features these days as the mobile phones has made people so handicap that they prefer storing all their important documents in the mobile phone which include a big amount of risk to prevent from the same we should use the security feature on your mobile phone such as using alternative passwords which only you and one more trustworthy person is aware to keep safe from Identity Theft.

Store personal information in a safe place-

By personal information means each and every document that can lead you, your family, business or employees into Identity Theft. Safe places could also be in the safe-lockers in your house or in the bank lockers or you can also store them with MyDigitalProtection which is an organization which will help you protect all your documents and keep you alerted with all the happenings.

These are the 5 ways to keep you and your family safe from Identity Theft. Come and secure all your information with MyDigitalProtection.

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