You can be a fraudster overnight-

If your a victim of identity theft, you may not be aware of the other person is exploitation your Identity or your name for committing any reasonable fraud with the government data or maybe with the other individual then the one who is going to be held liable will be you in the initial place and overnight you'll be a fraudster although you are not identical person.

You can be bankrupt-

If the fraudster acquires any kind of information relating to your bank account then the identity thief will obtain credits, will withdraw cash or perhaps transfer money. A fraudster can virtually create the foremost of your data and can leave you Bankrupt and you may pay all debts to the banks for the overdrawn of money.

You can be robbed anytime and anywhere-

Don’t let yourself be robbed because the fraudster will misuse your Aadhar card number to get your different personal information and also to achieve credits, open a brand new bank account, transfer cash or to withdraw money. always know all the cards and amount you're carrying together with you so you'll be able to straightaway freeze all the accounts so that somebody else does not use your Identity.

Your child can be a victim of Identity Theft-

If you aren’t taking good care of your child’s information then there's a 100% probability for your child’s Identity to be utilized by the fraudsters. you'll not be aware till the bank informs you of all the credits that are delinquent in the name of our kid. thus if you don’t need your kid to face any kind of risk then secure all the personal information like Aadhar card number, birth certificate, etc, in an exceedingly safe place where the fraudster cannot reach.

You can be named tagged as a ‘Criminal’-

Yes, this is true because the fraudster can commit some serious crimes in your Identity that you'll be held liable and so you'll be name tagged as Criminal. This can’t bring you and your family into a big hassle as you'll have to not only face physical or monetary problems however also the mental torture is going to be most that you simply wouldn’t be ready to initiate of that ‘Criminal’ zone quickly.

There are many more aspects as to which you wouldn’t believe, but these were the major 5 things that you won’t believe this Identity Theft Fraud.


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