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How does IDENTITY theft impact your life ?

Identity Theft attacks your very Identity

Identity theft attacks everything that you have built over years or starting to build to create your identity theft protection in India. It means someone is using your iformation to make purchases, open new accounts, withdraw from your existing accounts, get facilities at your expense, commit crimes in your name, and more. It’s a criminal offense and one of the top 10 biggest threats to today’s businesses and individuals at large.

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Our need to stay connected adds to the risk

The main ingredient for identity theft is your personal data. As we use products and services that are digitally connected, we spread our personal information in the public web, knowingly or unknowingly. If not controlled appropriately, this could fall into the wrong hands and be used for malicious purposes.

It does not spare children

Child identity theft occurs when someone uses a child's details to commit fraud. That might include opening credit accounts, taking out loans or applying for government benefits or a job. This form of identity theft is gaining popularity among fraudsters as the crime can go undetected for years. Victims of child identity theft often discover it when they're older and ready to apply for credit cards and loans.

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It hurts more than your Credit Score

Identity theft affects everyone around you – financially, emotionally and in some cases physically. It destroys credit scores, medical records, retirement accounts, and reputations. Victims could be stuck paying the bills, even for expenses they weren’t aware of. It steals time away from what matters to you, and it can take years to undo this kind of damage.

Statistics on data leaks and breaches


World Rank in terms of number of data breach incidents

More than 1 Billion data reconds exposed in 2018


Increase in Data theft in India since 2016

300% increase in india between 2011 and 2014


Number of indian Websites hacked in 2017

Includes 114 reputed portal between April 2017-Jan 2018


Data breaches are acts of malicious intent

Human error or system failure account for the rest




  • Real Time & Scheduled monitoring.
  • Public and Dark Web Monitoring.
  • Monitoring covers Aadhar and PAN #
  • Monitoring covers Cards, Accounts, Score, etc.


  • Alerts on detecting changes to risk profile.
  • Instant alerts when Key information found.
  • Monthly report on risk profiles.
  • General alerts on breaches for customer awareness.


  • Protective Shield for up to 6 PCs/Laptops and Mobile Devices.
  • Anti-Phishing controls.
  • Anti-Key Logging controls.
  • Anti -Screen capture controls.


  • Helpline & Advice to victims of fraud.
  • Cleansing service to assist in removing personal data.
  • Identity Theft Insurance cover up to INR 2 Lacs.
  • Assistance in paperwork where required.

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